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Bathroom Locks (Architectural)

These locks when used with a thumb turn will allow you to lock the door from the inside without a key. You can also fit an external override turn in case you need to unlock from the outside. The locks also have a latch to keep the door shut which can be operated by a door handle or knob.

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Bathroom Locks (Standard)

The standard bathroom lock is designed for privacy. Instead of using a key it is operated by the door handle or knob.

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Cylinder Lock (Barrel Only)

Works where the cylinder in the lock will rotate: when the key is inserted it aligns and lifts the pins in the cylinder to enable it to turn and lock and unlock the door.

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Dead Bolts

The dead bolt can be fitted alongside other locks or latches to offer extra security, ideally fixed lower on the door if in combination with others, the dead bolt  will lock and unlock with a quick flick of the thumb. It can also be used as a simple bathroom lock, with a turn and release system.

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Door Bolts

This section includes: surface bolts, flushbolts dust excluding sockets, bolts with turns, espagnolette, security and dutch bolts.

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Latches (no lock)

These latches are suitable for doors not requiring any locks; they are still very efficient at keeping the door shut. They are a good choice for intermediate doors.

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Sash Locks

The sash lock is a dead lock and a latch combined into one case. It gives all the benefits of both types. Sash locks can also come with different security levels, depending on what door the lock is fitted. It is operated by a key and the turn of a handle. These are a popular choice for many doors.

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