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Door Knobs

All door knobs are supplied boxed as pairs with all fixings (spindles & screws). Almost all knobs are designed with fixings that are concealed by a screw on rose (backplate).

All knobs are covered by our 10 year mechanical guarantee as standard.

Which knob will fit?
For doors with a latch (i.e. not locking), choose any knob here.

For doors with some kind of lock, you will probably need any knob from here that will open the latch, and a thumb-turn to open the e.g. bathroom lock or dead bolt etc.

The exceptions to the rule above are rim lock knobs and center of door fixed knobs which are for a specific job (see description).





(ecept the big centre door knobs)

Delivery: working days.

[See below for other finishes and/or types]

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